Celina was surrendered to us because her owner had dogs, and they weren't getting along. She's a calm bunny who is nice with her litter box. Celina is fuzzy, so she'll require extra grooming on a regular basis. Born around August, 2014.
Daphne, 1 of six rabbits abandoned in a home, gave birth to 3 kits on Sept. 16, 2016. Theo is 1 of the babies.
Noel was turned loose and was running around a playground for at least several weeks before she was caught. She was probably born around early 2013. She has a back injury that causes her to slide her hind feet, and we are still evaluating her condition. She does not want to jump into a litter box. Photo coming soon!
Rocket came to us through the Adams County SPCA. She is a young, active bunny, and we estimate she was born around September, 2014. She is only 3.5 lbs. She has excellent litter box habits, but she should have a non-plastic pan so she doesn't chew on it.
Adopt kiku a Grey/Silver American / Mixed rabbit in Harrisburg, PA (18963925) spayed/neutered
Adopt Kellogg a Grey/Silver American / Mixed rabbit in Harrisburg, PA (18978358)
Daphne, 1 of six bunnies we rescued from a home where they were left behind, gave birth to 3 babies on Sept. 19, 2016. Taylor is 1 of the babies. His foster mom said he was scared on his 1st day at home, but then he calmed down quickly and would run to the front of the cage for pets. He is mostly black with just 1 square area of white on his right shoulder, and white paws.
Ashley is 1 of three bunnies that were being kept outside (which we do not recommend) and then the children lost interest in caring for them. Born around December, 2016.
Trevor was found running loose near Chambersburg with a puncture wound in his ear. He's mostly black, but he also has patches of brown and even a touch of gray! We think he is allergic to newspaper, so he's better having towels on the bottom of his cage.
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